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Today, having an effective security system in your home should be a priority option in order to protect the inhabitants of your home as well as the possessions and facilities that are inside.

Security has become a priority over recent years, thus equipping your home with security and alarm cameras. That is why we have gathered the main reasons for having an effective and reliable home security system.

Don’t be a victim of burglars

Households that have security alarms, the suspect’s entry action will be more complicated, because a bad movement will activate any of the sensors or detectors that are in the protected area, which will continue with the immediate alert to the owners, at the same time contacting the security entities closest to the place of the fact, to offer quick answers. This whole process is fast and efficient, which reduces the time the criminal can escape to avoid being caught, so thieves try to ignore or count as a last option the homes with these systems.

These security systems can handle the most complicated actions even the simplest ones, such as being installed in warehouses, high ceilings and even in homes with pets.

False alarm rates are increasingly low, as these systems work with various tools to ensure efficiency, such as motion detectors, glass break detectors and infrared barrier motion detectors.

Detect fires whether you are at home or not

Smoke detectors may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fire protection, but that is behind. A home security system can make a difference when it comes to detecting and preventing a major accident.

Smoke detectors will not trigger an alarm until it is too late. The home security system can detect an unusual heat source, which may be the most likely source of a fire. The alarm will not only be transmitted to the homeowner’s phone or computer, but will be made to the nearest emergency services. The seconds are valuable when fighting fires and a good security system can make the difference between a small smoke and a completely burned house.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is also a threat

In your home, there may be small gas leaks from stoves and other sources of combustion, such as fireplace logs. These leaks contain levels of carbon monoxide that we breathe and its presence in our body may not be lethal immediately, but the damage to our health is high.

Measure the presence of carbon monoxide is vital since it is undetectable by our body. So when we realize that we suffer from poisoning, it might be too late. High levels of CO2 in the environment can be detected with devices installed in your home. This system can alert the user and medical assistance teams to prevent leaks and thus act immediately in case of possible poisoning.

These are just some of the primary reasons why it is necessary to have a home security system. In addition to the ones we already talked about, having this system will be a great ally when it comes to ensuring your home.