Together is better: Save with our partners

Not all security companies are created equal and often there is more to the offer than meets the eye.

1. Statistically homes set up with security are much safer

  • Homes without security systems are 14 times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems” –The National Burglary Fire Alarm Association
  • A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada – SGI Canada
  • In fatal, preventable house fires, more than 1/3 of the homes didn’t have a working smoke detector – SGI Canada

2. Studies have shown people are shopping smarter

Gone are the days when the positive customer reviews on the website are the only reviews customers read. Internet-savvy customers of today are checking out online reviews, social media or the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website to find out how companies really treat their customers.

Customers pay attention to what is built to last and what is built to be replaced and therefore suck more money out of their pocket.

Big isn’t always better. People are finding increased service and better pricing as local companies compete with large corporations.

3. Not all equipment is made equal

It can be tricky to do a true apples to apples comparison on equipment. Thanks to the rise of social media advertising and internet shopping, there is currently a flood of equipment choices for security systems. Many of these companies are importing cheap devices from Chinese factories and support for these after purchase is limited at best.

Any local company that has been through the economic ups and downs of the past 10-15 years is a safe bet as they have to stand behind their equipment and their service or run the risk of being out of business.