5 Ways a Smart Security System Can Benefit Your Family

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Technology is advancing at a pace never seen before and in the smart security industry we are continually seeing improvements that make your home smarter and safer! 

Here are some ways that families benefit from a smart security system. 

1) Proactive and Reactive 

Smart systems with security, fire, flood, and/or carbon monoxide communicators are able to alert your cell phone in real time if anything potentially dangerous happens. And with cameras becoming more and more advanced you are able to see what’s happening at any given moment from wherever you are. Having an extra eye on things when you’re not at home may just prevent a disaster before it starts.  

2) Stay In Control 

Smart security systems are a lot more advanced than just being able to see who is at your front door through your doorbell camera. Did you know that using a smart security system gives you access to all sorts of different features such as adjusting your thermostat or turning your lights on and off when you get home? In today’s day in age, it seems like almost anything can be made into a smart appliance. So get creative! 

3) More Than Just Protection 

As mentioned before, smart security systems alert you of various activities taking place on your property. Cameras can view and record everything that is going on as well as allow you to talk back and forth with anyone in the area. You can accept packages at your door without being there, let in a trusted individual who needs to pick up something when you’re at work, or even make sure that your child is spending their time on their homework instead of video games.  

4) Integration with Virtual Assistants 

With the increasing popularity of devices with virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest, homeowners are able to enjoy even further options with their smart security system. We may have yet to see flying cars, but being able to turn lights on and off without getting off the couch or walking in the house with your arms full of groceries and disarming your security system with your voice are conveniences we’ll gladly take.  

5) Save You MONEY! 

Purchasing a smart security system instantly saves you money in 2 ways.  

1) Lowers your homeowner’s insurance 

On average, installing monitored safety and security devices in your home can reduce your homeowner’s insurance up to 20 percent. AlarmTek has exclusive deals with insurance providers that save you even more.  

2) Lowers your monthly utilities  

Our smart thermostat is able to learn your lifestyle patterns and make the appropriate adjustments throughout the day. Of course, you can control it yourself with your AlarmTek Connect Plus App, but allowing the technology to do the work helps you save money without even thinking about it  


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