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Business Security

Securing your Business is our Business

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AlarmTek offers the following services to ensure that your business is safe and secure:

 Intrusion, Life Safety, Environmental Detection
 Clear Vision HD Video Surveillance
 Alarmtek Smart Business Automation
 Access Control
 Alarmtek Guard Service

Intrusion, Life Safety, Environmental Detection


Whether your business is big or small, AlarmTek’s got you covered with a customized solution to fit every need.

We’re the Right Fit for You

With our flexible and scalable systems, you can start with intrusion security and expand into fire, low temperature, and much more.


Specialized wireless systems that will connect buildings and components up to 2km away

Centralized security control for easy use and management


Don’t let your business go up in smoke

We monitor fire panels or fire communication devices and dispatch the fire department to your site right away

Temperature Monitoring

Perfect Temperature, Guaranteed

Monitor temperature sensitive areas with our temperature sensors for single or multiple zones

Gas Detection

Don’t be caught Unaware

We monitor all types of environmental gases and odors through our specialized devices

Flood Detection

Avoid getting washed away

Our sophisticated sensors can provide water or other liquid detection for any site

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Clear Vision HD Video Surveillance


We are watching when you can’t be. View high quality live or recorded HD video from anywhere in an instant.

Clear Vision HD Video Surveillance - Clear, crisp, HD video solutions customized to fit your needs


Deter Theft

Helps protect you from external and internal theft

Protect Your Property

Prevents damage and vandalism

See What Lurks in the Shadows

Infrared technology that allows you to see clearly in the dark

View Wherever You Are

Easily view your site from anywhere in an instant through phones, tablets, or computers!

Stay Alert

Stay connected with instant notifications!

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AlarmTek Smart Business Automation


Automate your business and save time and money. Our exclusive AlarmTek Connect will allow you to:


Arm From Anywhere

Arm & disarm your system remotely

Get Notifications

Receive system notifications via text or email

Remotely Control

Control thermostats and door locks from anywhere

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Access Control


Control access when you need to. Our access control systems will allow you to:


Protect Your Staff

Protect employees from unwanted intruders 24/7

Keep Secure

Protect sensitive assets and areas

Full Protection

Integrate with security and video surveillance for total protection

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AlarmTek Guard Service

On Patrol

Day or night, our professional guard service will respond to your site and take appropriate action for you. Keep yourself and employees safe in dangerous situations

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