It’s that time of year again, where many of us will be escaping the cold winter weather for a (hopefully) warmer destination.  But as you may be aware, there are some important steps to take to ensure your house is ready and protected while you are gone.

We’ve compiled an extensive list so we’ve had to break it into two parts here is part one.  These may not all apply to you or some may be more important to you than others, but this is a great checklist to help keep your house safe.


▪    Check with your insurance company on requirements for having someone check in on your house.  Make sure you have someone stop by, or house sit for you.  Often certain types of alarm systems will allow you to not have your house checked nearly as often.


▪    Stop or forward mail. Stop newspaper and other deliveries.  This service can be done with your local post office or online.  You don’t want all your mail piling up on you.


▪    Shut off your water and unplug any unnecessary electrical devices.  This will protect your pipes from possibly freezing, and help you save on your electrical bill.


▪    Maintain an emergency folder. Include copies of your itinerary, what to do in an emergency and whom to alert, copies of passport, birth certificate, credit card numbers and cancellation phone numbers, computer passwords, emergency health care info (include blood types, drug allergies, doctors name and phone numbers for access to medical records). Update this file regularly!


▪    Notify your alarm company of travel plans. Make sure they have the names and phone numbers of any house sitters or caretakers. Provide your itinerary and contact information.


▪    Check sump pump alarms, temperature alarms or freeze alarms to make sure they are in working order and set to send alarms to the proper telephone numbers.


▪    Provide friends and neighbors with itinerary and relevant contact info and the names of those who have keys, etc. to enter your home.  If you have multiple people checking in on your house, make sure you inform them.


Most importantly, enjoy yourself!  Vacations are a time where you unplug, relax, and connect with your family.  Let us worry about your house.