Vacation - Part 2

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It’s that time of year again, where many of us will be escaping the cold winter weather for a (hopefully) warmer destination.  But as you may be aware, there are some important steps to take to ensure your house is ready and protected while you are gone.

In our last post wee looked at some ways you can prepare your house for a vacation.  In case you missed it you can read that here.  These may not all apply to you or some may be more important to you than others, but this is a great checklist to help keep your house safe.


We wanted to finish off that list, so here we go:


▪    If you are taking an extended trip, review bill payment schedules and arrange for pre-payments for utilities, rent or mortgage, phone, etc. This avoids utility shut-offs, late fees and credit damage.


▪    Contact credit card companies and inform them of travel plans, especially if you are traveling to exotic destinations. Advise of possible unusual charging or more frequent spending from various locations.


▪    If you have a pet, make sure you arrange for their care.


▪    Call health insurer to clarify coverage when oversea, and make sure you are aware of what you are covered for.


▪    Obtain enough prescription medicines for duration of trip.


▪    If you leave a car in your driveway, park it up against the garage door. Make sure the vehicle is locked and all valuables are out of sight.


▪    Arrange for snow removal or lawn mowing and watering while gone to avoid calling attention to an unattended house.


▪    Ditch the plastic rock that’s hiding your spare key.  Take it indoors, or leave with a house sitter/family member.


▪    Use timers.  Instead of leaving a light or lights on all the time, save yourself some money, and set some specific lights on a timer.


▪    Turn your thermostat down and save some money.


▪    Make sure you check and secure all doors and windows before you leave.


▪    Don’t announce your vacation plans on social media or on your voicemail.


Your specific situation may require some other things to prepare, but this list should get you most of the way there.  Make sure you build a checklist because it’s so easy to forget in all the hustle leading up to your get-away.


And most important, have fun, relax and unwind!  Let us worry about your house :)