The Internet of Things

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Have you heard the buzz about the Internet of Things(IoT)?

Ever since the internet entered our homes the world has been rapidly changing. Remember The Jetson’s? Well their robot maid may not be as far-fetched as it once seemed. Imagine a future where everyday objects become smart interconnected pieces of our home. New technologies are creating kitchens where our toaster can talk to our coffee maker. When everyday objects are connected to the internet they form what’s called ambient intelligence. With that the possibilities are endless.

The incoming wave of IoT is surprisingly affordable and easy to installTen years ago people paid 25K+ for large difficult to install home automation systems. Today, with IoT this can be done at a fraction of the price and with twice the functionality. These interconnected things are set up to save us money, time and reduce our daily stress.We are just beginning to tap into the capabilities of IoT and how it can help our daily lives.People are already enjoying these new ways to help keep track of the kids or know if someone is outside the front door.All of our “things” are changing in ways we never thought possible.

AlarmTek is a leader in this industry.We have been on top of this new wave of changes.We are unveiling our tried tested and true devices made to work for you in the upcoming months.You will continue to hear about the latest “smart”everything from doorbells, coffee makers to refrigerators.You can count on us to test the functionality and security of new devices before offering it to you our customers.

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