Smart Systems for Mothers with Children

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Activating this simple thing could save a life

Did you hear about the toddler who snuck out the back door and decided to finger paint the deck?  Or go to the neighbors?  Whatever the story, we hear these kind of things all the time.  A child slipping out can be a big concern.  Busy little ones love to explore and eventually learn how to open the door. 

Smart door contacts are a great solution because they chime anytime someone enters or leaves the home.  Mom is going to catch that toddler or teenager on their way out.  Besides the chime feature AlarmTek Connect can be set up to send text messages that let you know instantly when a door has been opened.  This is a relief for parents of children of any age. 

Smart window contacts can also be set up for notifications that keep intruders out and teenagers in.  The days of sneaking out after bedtime or slipping in quietly past curfew are gone.  It’s impossible to sneak anything by parents with a smart security system monitoring their home.

As technology advances it gives parents a few extra sets of eyes.  Home or not, parents can be sent instant updates so they know the minute a child gets home from school. Video cameras in the entrance can also send an instant video message letting parents know their loved ones are home safe and who they are with. 

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