Role of First Responders

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This month, we are doing special discounts for military and first responders.  If you haven’t seen our video yet, make sure you check it out here.




But we wanted to talk a little bit on the role that first responders play in the event your alarm system goes off.  We don’t often think of people on the other side of an emergency call out, but everyday these women and men put their lives on line to serve us.


We had the chance to sit down with Lt. Scott Zepick of the Regina fire Department to ask him some questions. 


Can you walk us through what happens when you receive a call for a house fire?

“The first thing we do on our way to a scene is try to get in contact with the home owner or business owner.  We like to establish contact to determine what kind of situation we might be heading into, or possibly if anyone is trapped in the house, what they layout of the property may be.”


What happens when you arrive on scene?

“ When we arrive on scene we do a 360 of the residence, we looks for signs of fire or distress, once we assess the situation we can determine a course of action.”


What types of things can homeowners do to help set you up for success?

Making sure your contact info with the alarm company is up to date is the most important.


“If we pull up to an alarm situation and no one is home and there are no signs of fire, we don’t like to knock down the door to make sure.  It’s really hard to drive away from an alarm after our walk-around and assessment if we haven’t been able to check in with the homeowner.”


Anything else that helps make your jobs easier?

“ Just basic fire safety, keep your exits clear, keep your yard clear around the house, make sure you have clear paths inside the house, make sure that windows in bedrooms are fully operational, don’t store chemicals in the open, keep any ammunition locked away properly.”


Again, we want to thank all of our first responders for doing their part in serving and protecting us.