Packing for the big move? Don’t forget these four things.

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Keep packing stress free by remembering these four things.

Start collecting boxes! Do you work somewhere that gets delivered goods in boxes? Ask if you can save some from the recycling to take home for the move. Even printer paper boxes from the office are great for packing. Call a few local stores and ask if they are willing to upcycle some boxes by setting them aside for you to pick up. Or, you can buy packs of boxes at Staples.

Pack and label by room. Kitchen contents are in the boxes labeled kitchen and so on. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it on moving day when you are looking for the TP.

Tape and fill. Use ‘fillers’ like dishcloths, towels, clothes etc. to help keep items in boxes from bumping into each other during the move. The top and sides of each box shouldn’t bulge or cave in when closed. Then tape and cross tape the top and bottom seams to prevent a spill.

Take pictures. Lost the manuals on how to put your office furniture together? No problem, just snap a few photos while taking it apart. If electronics isn’t your thing, a few photos can save you from the ‘what goes where’ confusion when putting your entertainment center back together.

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