My Doorbell Can See You!

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Doorbells are the new neighborhood watch

Remember when a doorbell used to simply let you know when someone’s at the door?  Those are the stories you’ll be telling your grandkids.  In the old days you had no idea who was at your door,who was on the other side was always a surprise.  On a good day maybe you’d find girl scouts with cookies!  On a bad day, well, there’s always someone selling something.  Or worse, remember that ‘Home Alone’ scene where the burglars posed as cops?  With technology today, your doorbell becomes the new neighborhood watch.  Let me share with you how this works.

The doorbell camera has a built in motion sensor, speaker and camera.  Now, imagine you away from the house picking up a few things at the corner grocery store and a friend stops by your house.  Now you can pull out your smart phone and talk directly to them through the speaker on your doorbell and let them know you’ll be back in five minutesHow cool is that?

Most importantly the new doorbell keeps you and your family safe.  When the kids are home and you aren’t this will increase your peace of mind by knowing who approaches your door.  Even if a stranger doesn’t ring the doorbell, the motion sensor will let you know someone is there by sending a video message.  Ultimately you can decide if it’s safe to answer the door or not.

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