Moving? Here is the Four Week Countdown to Move Day

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What you need to know four weeks before move day.

Here are quick tips broken down for the four weekbefore moving.  Keep life simple on the big day and take time to treat yourself along the way. 


4 Weeks to move day

Notify these utility services of your move.  This includes your security company, electric, water, gas, cell phone, cable/internet provider, insurance agents and more!  Save the new homeowners the hassle of receiving the mail from anyone you might have missed with Canada posts mail forwarding service.   

Treat yourself to your favorite dessert. 


3 Weeks to Move Day

Get busy packing boxes.  2 boxes a day or 10-15 for the week, whatever it is set a goal and get it done! Provide important contacts with your new address.  This includes employers, friends, family and more.  While you are at it make plans to return any borrowed items you came across while packing 

How about lunch with an old friend?


2 Weeks to Move Day

Put on your comfy clothes, tie your hair back and get your favorite playlist ready; it’s time to clean.  Scrub everything top to bottom.  The walls, the baseboards, the cupboards and closets.  It is common courtesy to have a clean space for the buyers to walk into. You can also book a cleaning service to help.   

Book yourself a massage, you might need it! 


1 Week to Move Day

Label move day boxes and bags for all the items you might need that day.  This includes scissors, tape, and tools.  Also set aside snacks, water bottles, and an overnight bag with clothes, toothbrushes, TP etc. in an easy to find location.

Relax and give yourself a good night’s sleep.


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