Keeping Hudson Safe

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I love my dog, he’s part of the family. He loves to eat, sleep, go for walks and snuggle. When I come home he is so happy to see me. On the flip side when I leave for work, he is sad to see me go. Those puppy eyes get me every time.

When I arm my AlarmTek system every morning on the way to work I know my stuff is replaceable but Hudson isn’t. He might look tough but if anyone ever broke in while I was away Hudson’s safety is my number one concern. I’ve heard stories of dogs being taken or hurt. If an intruder left a door open, I worry about what would happen to Hudson. Would he hit the city streets running? Or what if there was a fire and he had no way out? What if, what if…

My AlarmTek system puts a lot of these worries to rest. When I get to work, I often pull out my phone and double check that the system is armed. There have been a few times where I forgot to arm the system. I can easily arm the system from my phone. I can also check if any of the doors have been opened since I left and that gives me peace of mind. If there was a fire, I know the fire department would be called right away through my monitored fire communicator. There is also information on file letting the fire fighters know there is a pet in the home. One day I’d like to upgrade my system to include video so I can take a peak and see what he’s up to. Until then I can stop worrying because I know Hudson is protected until I get home.