How to Save on Your Home Insurance – Part 2

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This is a continuation of our previous post about some basics tips for saving money on your house insurance.

We’re all looking to save a buck or two - especially on our monthly bills. And often the easiest place to save money is one of the last places we think of, our home insurance. Did you know that there are numerous ways to save on your house insurance every month? These tips can help you to navigate the home insurance field, and hopefully help you to save some money as well.

Monitored Alarm Systems

You can offset the cost of you alarm system through home insurance discounts.  Most companies locally offer a 10-25% discount on your monitored alarm system.  This will pay for or subsidize your monthly rate by discounting you as much as $20-$29 per month!

Most insurance companies add an additional 5% for fire coverage with their policy.  Some also add 5% for flood.  These discounts go a long way to helping your bottom line every month.  

Most important, the value in having your home monitored for fire, flood, low temperature, is priceless.  It protects the largest purchase you will ever make.

Be Aware of the Fine Print

The most important part of any insurance policy is to be aware of the fine print or clauses in your policy.  These clauses vary by insurance company so its important that you are aware of what your responsibilities are.  There are common misconceptions about what the homeowner is responsible for, and this leads to homeowners not having coverage, or having their coverage void.  The CBC has a great buyer beware article you can check out here:

By booking an appointment or phone call with your broker, you can save money on your monthly insurance bill, increase your house insurance discount, and add peace of mind with a home security system.