Top 10 Block Party Ideas for Children

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Between now and September 30th, 2016 organize a block party in your neighborhood to join AlarmTek’s #YXEBlockParty challenge. Each block party will be entered to win a variety of prizes including burgers, hot dogs, freezies, fruit and more for your event!

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Top 10 Block Party Ideas for Children!

  1. Bicycle decorating contest. Have all the children decorate their bikes and form a “bicycle parade” around your block.
  2. Water balloon toss. This is always a hit, especially on a hot day!
  3. Bubbles. Have a supply of bubbles and wands ready. Invite the neighbors to bring any special bubble toys they might have.
  4. Sidewalk Chalk. Separate the sidewalk and have the children decorate your street or block!
  5. Face painting. Do you have some artistic parents or teens joining the block party? See if they might be interested in setting up a face painting area.
  6. Lawn games. Traditional games like a bean bag toss, lawn bowling, and ladder golf are always fun! See what you can round up between your neighbours. If more than one of the same game is set up be sure to label the equipment so it can be easily returned to the owners.
  7. Art Station. A large roll of paper and finger paint will keep children busy for a while. If possible, have plastic available to cover clothing and a cleanup area for messy fingers once they are done.
  8. Street Hockey. Parents and children can get involved with this one. Consider having volunteers organize setting up teams for a mini tournament.
  9. Water Park. Get the neighbors involved and have a few front yards set up with water themes. Set up sprinklers, slip n’ slides, and kiddie pools. Let the kids move from station to station with a fun obstacle course set up in between!
  10. Outdoor Movie. Wrap up the evening by setting kids up in the yard with blankets, sleeping bags and popcorn for an outdoor movie. It’s pretty simple to DIY an “outdoor movie screen” but you’ll have to get your hands on a projector to rent or borrow for the evening. Better yet, have the kids decorate box ‘cars’ during the day and make this a “drive in” movie event!

What are your favorite block party ideas for children?

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