Three ways Local Companies Compete with Big Business

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Can buying local cost less?

Have you ever had the assumption that buying local means pricing will be higher than big corporate business? Do perks such as increased customer service and community support always come at a premium price? Here are three ways small local business competes with big business.

Product Diversity

AlarmTek competes with the American corporate giants of the security industry. You know, the ones knocking at your door this time of year with a fleet of casual employees hired on for the summer. We know their product offering, we can order it from the same suppliers. Our technicians are trained to work with multiple equipment lines. We have also developed a new AlarmTek platform that allows us to connect the best new IoT products into one simple app. We’re not limited to one brand or ecosystem and this is a huge advantage.

Agile Innovation

Local business can move fast when it comes to change in the industry because we don’t have layers of bureaucracy. We know what’s coming long before it’s released. Our office is full of techno gurus who love this stuff. We have gizmos and gadgets in test mode all over the office. Long before a launch date we’ve tested multiple different options and offer the best solution for our customer. You can trust our team to tell you honestly what we think about a product.


Our market research is kept up to date and we continually beat competitor offers with lower prices, better service and higher quality equipment. The equipment we use is tried, tested and true. Local business can compete with the big guys providing more for less.

Knowing that, would you shop local?

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