These 2 Toppings = Mouthwatering Burgers

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Block Party Burgers made better with these 2 toppings

Between now and September 30th, 2016 get to know your neighbors by organizing a block party in your neighborhood!  Join AlarmTek’s #YXEBlockParty challenge by emailing your event date to  Each block party will be entered to win a variety of prizes including burgers, hot dogs, freezies, fruit and more for your event! 

Block Party Burgers

Be sure to start with the classic burger ingredients:



Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, Relish etc.






Up the WOW factor by bringing these 2 toppings to the table:

Bacon – the smell alone is mouthwatering. 

Avocado – keep it simple with sliced avocados, or bring a bowl of guacamole.  

Burger Guacamole: It’s simpler than you think!

Mash up avocados into a small bowl

Add items to taste.  Keep it simple, whatever you have on hand will taste great on a burger!  Things like cilantro, diced tomatoes, minced garlic, diced onion, salt, and pepper.  Stir up the mix and do a quick taste test.


“A trusted neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever created”

- Saskatoon Community Watch

AlarmTek is initiating the #YXEBlockPartyChallenge for the communities we serve in Saskatoon, Martensville & Warman. 

Contact AlarmTek today to keep your block safe!