Regina had a Total of 1821 B&E’s last year: Stay Safe with These 10 Tips

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A break and enter costs more than your belongings, it impacts your family’s sense of safety and well-being.

From April 2015-April 2016 Regina had:

  • 836 residential B&E
  • 605 garage B&E
  • 225 commercial B&E
  • 155 other B&E

For a total of: 1821 Break & Enters

June 2016 police were dispatched to a business for a report of robbery. “A lone male entered the business and was in the process of stealing a small amount of merchandise when he was confronted by a staff member. The male produced a knife and left the business with the merchandise to join two other males who were waiting outside.”

In April 2016, two people faced, “several charges in connection with numerous recent thefts from local retailers.”

Regina police service report that a 23 year old male commited four Break and Enter offences in a single day in January 2016. “The series of alleged offences and the ease with which the suspect gained entry serves as a reminder to Regina citizens that we all have a role to play in community safety. In many of these cases, it’s believed the suspect entered garages through unlocked doors, making it easier to commit thefts and other criminal offences.”

10 ways to reduce residential B&E’s

  1. Do not post on social media when you will be away
  2. Double check that the overhead and man-doors of garages are securely locked
  3. Use a light module to control lights to make it look like you are home even when you are not
  4. Have someone empty your mailbox
  5. Have your lawn cut or snow removed if you are going to be away a long time
  6. Ask a neighbor to feel free to fill up your trash can and move it out to the curb on trash day
  7. Never leave doors or windows unlocked
  8. Never hide a key outside where it can be easily found
  9. Get a good deadbolt lock or consider a smart lock
  10. Get a monitored security system to reduce the chance of theft