8 Uses for Coffee Grounds

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What to do with the leftover coffee grounds after your daily brew

Here at AlarmTek we love our coffee.  It’s something we look forward to every day in the office.   In honour of National Coffee Day we thought we’d share a few ideas of what to do with the leftover grounds.

1.       Marinate meat. Add leftover grounds it to any existing marinade recipe to tenderize the meat and add a nice smoky flavor, yum!

2.       Exfoliate.  Mix the grounds with oil, such as olive or avocado oil, in a bowl and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  This mixture can be used as a skin or lip scrub! 

3.       Cleaning.  No scrubber on hand?  Grab a handful your left over coffee grounds and scrub your sink or dirty dishes.

4.       Baking.  Turn a regular brownie into an espresso brownie by adding a tbsp. of grounds to your favorite brownie recipe.  Coffee flavor tastes amazing with chocolate!

5.       In the garden.  Carrots and radishes love the grounds as much as you love your coffee.  They will grow larger and sweeter with the grounds around. 

6.       Nitrogen & pH Boost.  Adding coffee grounds to plant soil helps increase the pH balance to become more acidic.  It also increases nitrogen levels in a garden or compost.

7.       Remove odors.  Place used coffee grounds in a bowl or an old sock.  Then place this homemade deodorizer in smelly shoes, the fridge, garage etc.  After a day or two remove the grounds and the smell.

8.       Repel unwanted guests.  Some things don’t like the smell of coffee.  Deter ants, snails, slugs, fleas and cats by sprinkling coffee grounds around ant hills, fire pits, and the foundation of buildings.  A handful added to your dog’s shampoo with create a natural flea repellant.

How do you use your leftover coffee grounds?