7 Trick or Treating Safety Tips

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Halloween is almost here, consider these tips before heading out!

1.       Be practical while dressing up.  Uncomfortable dress up shoes, long costumes that become difficult to walk in, masks with poor visibility, awkward props and heavy trick or treat bags might look the part but can put a damper on the night.   

2.       Plan your route in advance.  Keep in mind the length of time before the child will get tired.  Plan for snack, water and bathroom breaks (choose a bathroom friendly costume).

3.       Teach your children to stay visible. By staying in well-lit areas, carrying a flashlight, light-up shoes or wearing reflectors.

4.       Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings. When crossing the street tell your children the importance of crossing at a corner and the dangers of crossing between parked cars where motorists can’t see them.  Never go in a stranger’s vehicle or home.

5.       Feed your child before heading out.  A big meal will help reduce the temptation to devour candy as they go.  Tell children not to eat any treats until you have looked them over.  Toss anything that is suspect such as opened candy and homemade treats.

6.       Be cautious of choking hazards.  Watch for chewy candies, hard candies or toys with small parts. 

7.       Ensure a trusted adult accompanies your child.  Until they are old enough this can be a parent, relative or close family friend.


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