5 Tips for 5 Weeks Before Move Day

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Moving is a busy time.  Decrease some of the stress by proactively taking care of these 5 things.

Medical documents.  Let your doctors and medical professionals know you are moving and that you will need copies of medical files for every family member.

Pet plans.  If you have a pet, visit your vet and take care of all shots and paperwork.  Also, be sure to plan how you will transport your pet on moving day.

Cancel or transfer memberships.  Gyms and health clubs often require notice when moving or transferring services. 

Purge.  Some things are not worth moving.  Take a look at your current furnishings and consider if they fill fit in the new space. Garage sale, sell online through sites like kijiji or donate unwanted clothing, furniture or other household goods.

Use things up.  Start using things difficult to move such as propane gas in the grill, toxic substances, aerosols, perishable food, and frozen food.

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