5 Tips to Protect Your Cabin

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Is Your Cabin Protected?

After purchasing your perfect getaway spot, it’s important to keep it protected.  The last thing any cabin owner wants is to walk into the aftermath of a burglary.  This spring Robert White reports ‘Rash of cabin break-ins under investigation’ in the Cochin, SK area. 

Here are 5 tips to protect your cabin:

1.       Set up a monitored alarm system.  When a burglar see’s your cabin is protected, it will make them think twice about targeting your place.  Installing one is easier than you think.  If you are concerned about high mileage fees to hook the system up in an out of the way cabin, no worries.  AlarmTek has a simple self-install option that makes protecting your cabin simple and affordable.

2.       Keep valuable equipment out of plain sight.  Examples include valuable sporting equipment, electronics, and alcohol.  ATV’s, boats and water craft should be locked securely in a shed and out of plain view.  Ensure no valuables can be easily seen by anyone who may be peering through windows.

3.       Lights.  Some security system options will have the option to turn lights on and off with your phone.  Having a well lit area helps keep your property safe, it also helps neighbors keep an eye on things.  Outdoor motion sensor lights are also a great idea.

4.       Neighborhood watch.  Organize a cabin watch for your lake community.  It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.  This program can be set up in partnership with the local police to make reporting suspicious activity simple.  Install signs that make it clear to any intruder that the program has been established. 

5.       Keep records.  In the unfortunate event that this does happen be sure to have photos and good records of everything that was kept at the cabin for insurance purposes.  Also label all boats, paddles, life jackets etc. so it’s easier to retrieve these items if they are ever taken.

To set up your monitored security system, contact AlarmTek today!