5 Tips for a Safe Halloween Costume

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Have you decided on costumes yet?  Halloween is coming fast.  Here are 5 quick tips to help choose a safe costume.

1.       Look for flame resistant costumes, nylon or heavyweight polyester is best.  Beards, wigs, wings and tails can accidentally get in contact with candles or fireplaces while children are out and about. 

2.       Choose bright colours, when possible, that can be seen by drivers.  Add reflective tape to any costume, especially dark ones.  If you are taking children trick or treating, consider dressing up yourself.   A construction worker is a great costume pick, the reflective vest will keep everyone safe!

3.       Use make-up or face paint instead of face masks.  Masks that don’t fit properly can impact your child’s vision or breathing.  Be sure to patch test the face paint on your child’s face prior to Halloween as even hypoallergenic brands can cause reactions for some kids.

4.       Beware of contact lenses that change eye colour or create special effects, they can cause injury to a child’s eyes.

5.       Halloween involves a lot of walking, so choose a costume that doesn’t cause them to trip and fall.  Consider hemming skirts, capes and baggy costumes to a height comfortable for your child to walk in.